Learn about our payroll services and how it can help you


We will prepare wage slips, TAX & NIC calculations and submit RTIs and generally maintain your payroll.

We ensure all your employees receive copies of employment contracts and company policies contracts.

Each member of staff is also be given their own access into their own payroll account where they can download copies of all their wages slips and any other details you wish to be kept on file

As part of our ongoing committment to your firm we will provide all your employees with training and motivational videos on health & safety, money laundering, customer service, sale techniques and hundreds of other videos to enhance their performance within your business – all free of charge

We will provide you with hundreds of procedural letters and forms along with best procedure, advice & contracts when dealing with employee related situations

Do your employees all have up to date employment contracts?

  1. Do your employees all have up to date employment contracts?
  2. Do you provide your employees with copies of company policies?
  3. Do you have written policy statements (e.g. policy to internet usage, policy to time off, policy on paternity leave etc)

Did you know that when it comes to Health & Safety and money Laundering legislation that you can be held personally responsible for the actions or inactions of your employees, after all which member of staff is going to own up and take the responsibility, our experience is that employees claim ‘they did not know.’

So we send your employees emails containing Health & Safety and also money laundering requirements and also include videos as further explanation

Our system records who has opened the emails and watched the videos and who has not

In any event, you have now taken strong steps to prove that this important information has been sent and received by the employee, so there is now proof that you have instructed your employees properly

On top of all this we direct you employees to regular training videos with an emphasis on customer service and sales techniques – although we do have plenty of industry specific videos being added regularly

Through our event promotion site, you can alert employees (and yourself) to local events of interest and even advertise your own events/workshops.

We are adding facilities to this service on a regular basis and take advantage of every bit of new technology we find.

We will add your employees to our contact data base.

This means that we will be able to send them (under your name) regular and/or event triggered communications on your behalf.

Examples of regular contact include:

  • Training Videos
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Health & Safety Statements
  • A further 23 different company policy statements (some mandatory, others good business sense)
  • Legal Compliance Details
  • A company newsletter
  • Happy birthday greetings
  • Other opportunities and alerts as they come up.

This facility is completely free to you.

We have developed this service not only to help you with compliance legislation, but also because we believe that better informed and trained employees, has got to be good for any business.

Please rest assured that in 100% of cases we remain firmly loyal to the employer, never the employee, if legislation did not prevent us from discussing any area of your business with employees, we still wouldn’t!

Another advantage of this new facility is that employees will be able to access free financial advice, this basically introduces products like, mortgages, insurance, savings plans and private pensions etc.

We receive a commission from the financial services company if any product is bought. This commission will be passed to you, to do with as you please.

Employees will never be sold to, and they will always ask for the consultations or advise