We don’t recommend investments but Sometimes we are alerted to investment opportunities

Sometimes it’s because we have connections with receivers who are disposing of assets from companies they have liquidated

Sometimes we have clients who are setting up new ventures or developing land and property

Sometimes we have clients who are on the verge of business expansion

Sometimes we simply see a good opportunity

We don’t recommend investments but we will alert them to you and where we do list them, you can be sure that we have appraised them, like them, are probably investing in the ourselves and have conducted due diligence to a high level

We never know what is available or when it is offered and we will only pass on details to investors if our accountants are managing the project 

All of our projects are structured to offer maximum tax relief

So if you want to know what is available as soon as it becomes available, register for our investment alert bulletin

Investments do not always have to be in cash, they can sometimes be via facilities, know how or even hands on project involvement